Simone Al Ani has been appreciated over the years by several International companies. This is surely due to his undeniable talent and his ability that allow him to adapt his performance to the customers’ requirements without spoiling it.

Audi, Coca Cola, Banca Intesa, UNOAERRE, Eni Energy, Black Rock are some of the brands that asked him to be part of a business convention or a meeting.

Besides, thanks to his experience as street artist, he has developed skills suitable for private events, festivals and other artistic expressions of conviviality. His artistic performances are the result of years of experience: cultured pearls from all over the world, that he has reworked and made his.

He has participated in television programs on Sky, Rai 1, Zecchino D’Oro and TeleArena, Telelombardia just to name a few, and soon will be at TED and Arabs Got Talent.