About me

About me

Disbelief, astonishment and finally joy. This is what the poetic spectacle of Simone Al Ani gives us. Calm and suspension guide us in his fascinating parallel universe that defines gravity and its laws.

Its graceful skill shines through a hypnotic but balanced gestures inspiring serenity through a deceptively simple performance.

This is undoubtedly Simone’s most obvious merit: the ease with which he translates for us his soul in movement. Frolicking with spheres and circles is for him the most natural thing and the selection of these objects is not random.

The circle symbolizes perfection. In the circle there is no beginning and no end. Simone manages to direct the energy distributed on the circumference to its center.

A languid game, in which there is no supremacy between the artist and the flow. A dance, where the objects are increasingly gaining a life of their own.

With the innocence of a child Simone takes us into a border area, a journey where just a thin thread separates dream and reality. All that is left is to observe remaining enchanted.